New Rate Increases Starting January 1st!

New Rate Increases Starting January 1st!

Our monthly rates will be increasing starting January 1, 2016 (so soon!)

Why are we increasing our rates?
At the start of 2015, we wanted to build an amazing and abundant community of entrepreneurs and we were able to achieve that with an ultra low membership fee.
Now that we have a great start to an amazing community, we want to be able to have to ability and freedom to do MORE for our members.

This means:
- More events
- More free lunches
- Better coffee experience
- Upgrades/ renovations to the space
- More staff to plan and execute all the great things and to better support YOU in your success. 

Here's where you - lovely existing members - get the opportunity to lock in your existing rate...

Whatever your membership plan is currently, you can lock in your existing rate per month if you commit to a full year, with a new yearly contract starting January 1, 2016.
If you choose to NOT opt into your current rate lock in, your current plan will exist until your original contract is up (one year after your start date), and your rate will increase the following month at that time.

How do you save 10% or 20%?

As a extra special offer, we are offering all current members to lock into your existing rate with a 10% discount for Once-a-Week and Once-a-Month membershipsor a 20% discount for all other membership types (including offices). You can ONLY take advantage of this deal by paying for your full year (starting Jan 1, 2016) up front. 

Here are the NEW rate increases:


Once-a-month Membership
Current: $29
NEW: $39

Once-a-week Membership
Current: $49
NEW: $59

24/7 12 Month Membership
Current: $99
NEW: $119

6-Month Membership
Current: $149
NEW: $179

Month-to-Month Membership
Current: $199
NEW: $239


Current: $399
NEW: $499

Current: $499
NEW: $599

Current: $599
NEW: $699

How do you ensure to lock into your existing rate?

Send an email to with subject: "Lock in my rate!"
In the email body, include which membership you're currently under and whether you want to continue with that rate or do the up-front payment, discounted rate.
Remember: You have until December 31st, 2015 to lock 'em in!