Evolution is Evolution

Evolution is Evolution

As humans, we require plenty of work before we are able to survive on our own. We are a species that requires the care of another for years before we can go it alone. We do not come out of the womb running… We don’t even come out of the womb walking or crawling. We begin as adorable, helpless beings.

But that does not in any case mean we are considered a failure before we can walk and talk and make decisions of our own. No, because we collectively understand that that’s how evolution works.

Parents celebrate their child’s first crawl, first steps, first words. “Baby steps”, they call it. Eventually we are able run and jump and sing and flourish into the person we were meant to be, all the while, our “baby” achievements are celebrated all the way through childhood.

With the proper care and praising those little victories over several birthdays leads to a proud parent and a functional human being who can eventually fly the nest.


Entrepreneurs, go easy on yourselves. Have the same approach and outlook when it comes to your baby – whether you’re writing a novel, working on a project or finally getting your start-up off the ground – celebrate its little victories and postpone gratification. Humans are babies for years before we become a “successful” human. Nurture your baby in the same way and your journey in watching it grow and succeed will be a lot more enjoyable.