Guest Blogger - Colin on coworking

Guest Blogger - Colin on coworking

Colin Hegarty  has had his glorious photo on the member board for "Member of the Month" for 2 months in a row!... (partly because we forgot to elect a new member last month, ...but mostly because he's great!) How great? He volunteered to do a guest blog for the HiVE and has been bugging us to "post it already"!

Okay, Colin. Now's your time to shine! And thanks for the wonderful words...


I have been working at the Halton HiVE for about four months now, but I can honestly say that this place has been the best atmosphere I have ever worked in. I am a content writer for, so the open office layout is great for when I get writer’s block. At the HiVE, I can move around to get my creative flow going again; I can even work outside if the weather is nice!

The other entrepreneurs here are very friendly and helpful. A lot of businesses here go in tandem and it’s good to see everybody trying to help each other out and co-exist with one another. They are also just very easy to talk to. During a downtime, you can strike up a conversation with anybody and they are willing to listen, give advice, and continue with the conversation. You can also challenge somebody to a game of ping pong or pool for a more entertaining lunch break!

 There is also a great sense of community. There are monthly events put on by the Community Manager, Kaylyn Gelata, including music night, social mixers, ping pong tournaments, and so much more! Like I said before, it is very easy to talk and get along with everybody here, and these events make it that much easier.

The HiVE is pretty much an extension of your home office, except you don’t have to be cooped up in your house all day. If you are getting tired of working out of your home and looking for a change of scenery, I highly suggest checking out the HiVE! Just like their slogan says, “work for yourself, not by yourself!”